“And then the girls sang … such beauty.”

I recently received one of the most touching emails I’ve ever gotten.  It was short but that’s what makes the impact even more powerful.  Margie French, who is a board member of the Global Give Back Circle, wrote the email to me.  She had traveled with Linda Lockhart (CEO, GGBC) to visit the girls at St. Elizabeth’s Secondary School for Girls last month.  Linda and team were assessing the possibility to include girls at St. Elizabeth’s into the Global Give Back Circle’s program.  As a result of the visit, 21 of the original Morphus Rescue Center girls who I met in 2009, are being invited to join the Global Give Back Circle’s program!    In addition, 2 girls who are orphans are also being invited to join the GGBC program for a total of 23 girls!  (Please see my earlier post today providing the background of the St. Elizabeth Secondary School for Girls if you’re not familiar with it.)  With that as a backdrop, here is the portion of the email I received from Margie that has touched me so deeply … :

The trip to Pokot was amazing.  St. Elizabeth’s is the eighth school I have visited in Kenya.  There was something quite different about it –  a sense of serenity under the watchful eye of Morpus.  And then the girls sang . . . such beauty.

I have steeped in these words for the past couple of weeks.  My heart seems to grow larger and fuller each day with the joy and realization of the impact St. Elizabeth’s school is having on the girls there, allowing the opening up of their beauty and potential.  This realization is a bit overwhelming still, and I’ve found myself tearing up many times thinking about it.   At the risk of over sharing, sometimes my heart actually hurts because it is so full of love and amazement at what’s happened over just the past 24 months – I just don’t know sometimes how my heart can contain it all.  

Linda Lockhart, CEO Global Give Back Circle, with the girls at St. Elizabeth's

Just a little over 24 months ago I met the girls in the Morphus Rescue Center.   Each girl there had either fled their home or had been rescued from a very abusive situation for refusing early marriage and Female Genital Mutilation (both of which are illegal in Kenya).   The girls living in the rescue center had such a fierce determination for a better life for themselves, but little else.  With no girl’s secondary school available in the area, there was no foreseeable way for them to realize their hope.  Now, just 24 months later, they’re studying in a beautiful school – a “jewel” is how Margie described the school to me in her mail.  AND now, they will have the opportunity to be mentored by women in the US and Kenya, AND have a way for their tuition for college to be paid for AND have a way beyond their studies to become computer literate with the computer lab we’ve just installed there.   Wow, wow, wow, wow, wow.   I hope you take a moment to pause, and put yourself in the shoes of one of these girls and try to experience their world over the past 24 months  – their whole world has been made so hopeful in such a short time.   

And then the girls sang … such beauty.

I have just posted a blog about St. Elizabeth’s Secondary School for Girls and how it has become the inspiration behind the Kenya Vulnerable Girls Education Project.   The experience thusfar has been a miracle – there’s not a doubt in my mind.   And I fully expect many more miracles to come as we continue to work to build more schools and more community education and advocacy in other parts of the West Rift Valley of Kenya.   

Margie French also blogged about her experience at St. Elizabeth’s at 10×10 – here’s the link to her post:  10×10 blog  I hadn’t heard of 10×10 previously and it will be interesting to see what might be possible in partnering with them to help spread the word about the Kenya Vulnerable Girls Education Project.   

I am so grateful to God to have this opportunity to impact lives, and so grateful for the many, many, many people who are engaging together to make a difference in the lives of these children at St. Elizabeth’s and now through the Kenya Vulnerable Girls Education Project.   Thank you!    My hope is that you are realizing the joy and fulfillment from your hand in this work. 

May you have a wonderful and joyous holiday!


If you’d like to get involved, there are so many ways.  First, you can give of your time and positive energy, whether in prayer or encouraging thoughts for this work and/or promoting the Kenya Vulnerable Girls Education Project to others.    “Like” this blog on Facebook, or send a Tweet.  Feel free to post a comment to this or any of the other posts on this blog to encourage others.   Second, there are many groups of people around the US that are creating fundraising events for the Kenya Vulnerable Girls Education Project that you can either help with or participate in.   People in Seattle, Phoenix, Dallas, Houston, Austin, Chicago, Minneapolis, Philadelphia, Raleigh, Atlanta, St. Petersburg, Tampa are all coming together to create events that will help raise funds to make a difference in the lives of girls in Kenya.  If you’d like to help, please send me a note at margoday1@hotmail.com and I will be more than happy to provide you with an introduction to the group in your area. And, if you are moved to give financially, you can do that easily at the following URL: http://seeyourimpact.org/members/margo   100% of your donation will go directly to World Vision (the NGO we’re working with) and specifically to the Kenya Vulnerable Girls Education Project.  If you work at Microsoft in the US, you can use the Give site (http://give).   Click on Match Now · Search for “World Vision International” ; Add to cart · Go to Cart ; Enter gift details · IMPORTANT: Enter “Kenya Girls” in Purpose field

Lastly, we’re working on the details to enable women in the US to mentor the girls at St. Elizabeth’s as part of the Global Give Back Circle program.   There is a small annual fee to do this, and there is an opportunity to sponsor any of the girls and pay for her college education in Kenya or internationally as well.  For those of you interested in learning more, please send me an email (margoday1@hotmail.com) I’ll get back with you once we have the details – right now, the girls at St. Elizabeth’s are completing applications to join the program.  The Global Give Back Circle is an enablement and empowerment program designed to transition disadvantaged girls out of the circle of poverty and into prosperity, through education, mentorship and critical IT and financial literacy embedment.  You can learn more about them at www.globalgivebackcircle.org .  They’re partnered with Microsoft Kenya, which is how we were introduced to them.

About margoday

Making a difference in people’s lives at home and internationally is central to who I am. I have been deeply involved in funding the building secondary schools for vulnerable girls in Kenya and took a one-year personal leave of absence from Microsoft to focus my energies on raising funds and awareness for the Kenya Child Protection and Education Project, partnering with World Vision. This project is positively affecting 17,000 children in four areas in the North Rift Valley of Kenya by providing access to quality education, building schools, deepening community advocacy for the education of the girl child, and transforming community attitudes toward early marriage and harmful cultural practices. I've held posts as the former national co-chair for the World Vision National Leadership Council for Child Protection, Board of Advisors President for the Renton/Skyway Boys & Girls Club and past founding board member of SeeYourImpact.org. Professionally, I am vice president of U.S. Education for Microsoft Corp. I lead a team responsible for the U.S. Education strategy and sales to K–12 and higher education customers across the U.S. Through partnerships, programs and technology, Microsoft plays a significant role in helping institutions and educators transform learning that makes a real impact on educational outcomes and helps students realize their full potential. I have more than 31 years of experience in high-technology software sales, marketing, business development, and partner and channel management, and at Microsoft for the past 14 years holding previous roles of Vice President, West Region SMS&P and Vice President, US Partners. I was honored with the 2014 Circle of Excellence, Platinum Club Founders award , 2006 Microsoft Most Inspirational Woman award, and in 2012 was nominated for the Anita Borg Women of Vision Social Impact Award. I live in the Seattle area and enjoy backpacking, boating, cycling, scuba diving, skiing, golf, adventure travel and, when it’s rainy outside, attending concerts and theater as well as enjoying a great glass of wine.
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4 Responses to “And then the girls sang … such beauty.”

  1. gregu1 says:

    Happy New Year Margo! Love reading about the work you’re doing! Blessings! – G

  2. Thank you Margo, for mentioning 10×10! We’re excited for your adventures.

  3. Kibet Boniface says:

    THANKYOU Margo for your support to our girlchild education, your presence is of great help in addition to your motivation.
    Thankyou and you are warmly welcomed all the time.

  4. Sarah lolii says:

    Thank you margo for your work,for sure,its God’s hand working through you.may God give you and your friends more blessings and divine strength to continue touching and transforming the lives of the girls.GOD BLESS YOU SO MUCH

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